What 3 Words

Have you ever been in a situation in which you have required your exact location but haven’t been able to get it thus, leaving you lost and confused?

Whether there was no wifi, signal or map at hand… you would find yourself in a rather unpleasant predicament. This situation is surprisingly common and an innovative company has caught onto this.

They then created a forward-thinking system that tackles this issue with precision, and it is called… what3words.

What is it? 

As many of us have encountered Street addresses don’t always point to precise locations. What3Words has allocated every 3mtr square on the planet a unique 3-word address which has been randomly assigned and will never change. This makes it easy to both find and share any location with just three words. 

How do I get it? 

What 3 words can be accessed from any PC or internet-enabled device by using the web address. www.what3words.com or by downloading the what3words app on the google play store or the IOS App store. 

How can it benefit me and my business? 

When sending staff to a location, many times over there is still an issue finding the exact location, especially if it is a rural area. What3Words will enable you to send them to the correct destination saving both time, resources and money. 

What 3 words are taking the world by storm and will soon become an everyday part of our loves making location finding reliable and easy. 


With this brilliant creation, it would seem foolish to not consider how we as a reputable business could utilise this system within our own to make it more efficient and effective.

What3words has provided many businesses with the opportunity to become far more efficient than ever before.

Protrack has integrated What3words into their telematics solution so that job scheduling can be more accurate when sending team members to destinations for deliveries or service calls. It has also been included in their app so that reporting of incidents such as accidents, parcels left at locations and current notifications are reported accurately.

We believe that utilising new technology and systems within Protrack is essential to continue providing beneficial services that deliver excellent results.

Want to know more? 

Contact Protrack Group using the contact form on https://www.protrack-group.com