Protrack Solutions

Some of the benefits of using Protrack.

Fleet Management

Protrack Groups OCS software allows you to manage your fleet in one place.

Vehicle Maintenance

OCS allows you to monitor your vehicles constantly and will notify you when vehicle servicing or maintenance is due.

Driver Behaviour

OCS allows a manager to keep track of their driver performance and can help to improve driver efficiency.

Cost Savings

OCS can help you to save on Fuel, Hours Worked and other areas.

Employee Management and Administration

All employees can be added to OCS as users, which enables a manager to keep track of employees.

Time Sheets

OCS offers time sheets for drivers and office staff.

Real Time Locations

Real time locations are available from our devices which can be installed into your vehicles and assets.

Historical Journeys

All tracking data is recorded for your devices and can be viewed later using the historical replay.

Increase Productivity

OCS allows you to manage employees and assets in one place, inturn improving productivity.

Discounts on Insurance

Many OCS clients with tracking included have seen a drop in their insurance premiums.

Improved Safety

Reduces the risk for accidents, reduces speeding infringements and generally improves driver behaviour.

Theft Recovery

With Protrack devices installed the chance of recovery following a vehicle theft is increased dramatically.

Messaging System

An internal messaging system that can be used by drivers and managers alike.

Geofence Alerts

Alerts for entering and exiting set locations can be sent to multiple users.

Paper Less

OCS can enable you to remove the need for paper waste by offering the tools and storage to complete tasks digitally, documents and reports can be sent in a digital format which will lower your carbon footprint.

Better Service for Customers

Knowing where your assets are can improve the quality of information that can be shared with your customers, even automatic alerts can be sent to customers directly.

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