The UK’s most feature-packed fleet management software and driver app for fleets of all sizes

Real-Time Vehicle Checks

Allows designated drivers or employees to perform a bespoke vehicle check on their vehicle prior to driving it. This vehicle check reports in real-time any damage and failures, as well as highlighting any hazardous VOR(Vehicle Off Road) checks.

Service, MOT, Tax & Insurance Reminders

Prodometer will automatically generate reminders based on renewal dates or milage to alert the organisation of these tasks. These can be sent to the required person within the organisation, so they can make necessary arrangements to complete the work.

Fuel Manager

This allows drivers to input odometer readings when refuelling allowing the system to calculate the mpg used and alert the organisation of any readings that are not within their accepted guidelines.

Incident and Location Reporting

Each time any data is input by the user the location is geocached. Should a vehicle be involved in an incident or have an accident the driver can report this via the ProDometer app, and even take photos or video of the incident to retain on file.

Vehicle Calendar

All data from the vehicle is recorded on a vehicle calendar giving you access to important information for set periods. This information can be used for a number of purposes including, report creation, financial and operational data, VOR Scheduling and much more.

Service Reminders

ProDometer enables the system to monitor vehicle mileage on the fleet and when a vehicle requires a service a reminder is sent to the required person within the organisation, and if required to the garage too so they can make necessary arrangements to complete the work.

Vehicle Compliance Checklists

Vehicle Compliance checks can be added to the Prodometer system for each of your fleet vehicles, reminders can be set to complete these checks when they are due to ensure your fleet is safe and efficient. All data regarding these checks can then be accessed via reports.

Equipment Compliance

Equipment checklist ensures the same as your vehicle compliance but for the equipment that is loaded onto your vehicles.

Documentation Storage

ProDometer has the facility to store all relevant documentation for your vehicles in one central place.. This includes, MOT, tax, insurance and even service and repair receipts for the vehicle.

VOR - Vehicle Off Road Management

Vehicle Off Road Management indicates the current state of the vehicle. Within the Prodometer system, the current state of any vehicle in your fleet can be easily identified using a coloured box system on the vehicle list.

Instant Messaging System

The Instant Messaging System can send SMS directly to a drivers mobile device, it will also allow the user to schedule a message for a later date and time.

(In 2018 the current messaging system will be replaced by the Messaging App.)

Driver Time Sheets

All driver login data is recorded within Prodometer, this enables the app to be used as a time sheet for drivers, they can log that they are on a break and which vehicle they are driving. A summary is given to the driver when they end their shift by logging out.