Patented anti-theft and hijack solution for commercial vehicles.

Vehicles all over the world are being stolen as a result of drivers leaving their keys in the ignition when delivering parcels. Protrack were tasked with creating a solution that will:-

  • Switch the vehicle off when the driver is out of the vehicle,
  • Render the vehicle inoperable when the driver is not actually inside it,
  • Allow the vehicle to be driven again, however, only with the correct staff member using bio-metrics (Fingerprint recognition).

Protrack has designed a solution that is able to record the staff members’ fingerprints from remote locations and send them to the vehicle for authorisation. Users can be added or removed easily using password-protected software from the back office.

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The benefits of installing a Protrack Solutions vehicle tracking system can include:

  • Reduced Fleet Costs
  • Fuel Savings
  • Improved Fleet Optimisation
  • Improved Operational Administration
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Security Benefits and Cost Effective