One Core Software

One Core Software(OCS) is the home of Protrack Groups products.

OCS encapsulates all of the modules that Protrack Group offer, it provides a single place for fleet managers to monitor their fleet.


Protrack Solutions Limited specialises in GPS live tracking solutions. In 2011 it started its existence as a simple “track and trace” company fitting and reselling vehicle tracking solutions into commercial fleets. It soon became apparent that it needed to diversify its range of products and services by keeping up with technology to grow and secure its business.

From initial set up we were reselling competitor systems, however, we decided to build our own software solution as it would better suit our customer’s needs, bring bespoke new innovative ideas to the industry, enable us to diversify and create a larger share of the market.


ProDometer is an IOS and Android App that has revolutionised software in the fleet industry.

The software has been hailed as “the Fleet Managers dream” by Arriva and many other businesses owing to its sheer diversification from the norm.

ProDometer was first built as a paperless aid for companies to be able to get ‘real time’ daily vehicle checks and updated mileage from their drivers quickly and easily with notifications of any defects which enabled them to react instantly. This ensures that the time any vehicle could potentially be off the road be kept to a minimum.


A new lone working solution that is App based.

A staff member can activate the lone worker device in one of six ways. The most innovative being automatic just by simply entering a location that has a defined geofence – (electronic boundary on a map.) In the event that a fall takes place, the staff member does not check in or the system is manually activated, the lone worker pod – (consisting of an IP rated portable secure box with long life rechargeable battery, GPS tracking device, audio and visual alarm and lockable arm for anti-theft positioning) will alert anyone in the vicinity of ‘man down’ as well as connecting to the back office software presenting a pop up alert. This in turn will send out emails and sms messages showing who activated the alarm and where it was activated . A simple protocol written by each client individually is then followed to best decide which form of action to take and address the potential incident.

One Core Software

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