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We were first introduced to Protrack Solutions Limited approx. 4 years ago when we signed up for their fleet tracking solution which enabled us to monitor the whereabouts of our fleet and staff. This proved invaluable for timesheets and fleet maintenance as well as improve on customer support and improve on vehicle running costs.

Since partnering with Protrack we have found them to be extremely professional, have excellent work and account management ethics and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is interested installing a fleet management system into their business.

We aim to do much more with them over the coming years and have recently resigned a new contract to cement the relationship which includes bar code scanning, daily vehicle and compliance checks.

Gary Jones.

Managing Director

Glevum Windows

Meala Racing Development

Protrack Called in to our unit to introduce themselves as they were visiting a client of theirs in the business centre and they asked if we would be interested in trialling their bike trackers on our own racing bikes which we accepted.

Once they were fitted, they showed us how to place a geo-fence (electric boundary) around them where they were parked by one tap on the app (Auto App Pro), with us being very protective over our bikes we tested this out by moving the bikes and we were sent a push notification to the app and an email almost instantly, which was very impressive.

We have spoken to Protrack about a lap timer within the app and this is something they are looking into for us.

We would recommend Protrack for not only their bike trackers but their complete tracking solutions for any vehicle.



In February 2011 the Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust made a decision to implement a vehicle tracking solution into a number of the Trust vehicles as part of a transport review.


A number of vehicle tracking providers were contacted and a decision was taken to use the services of Protrack Solutions as the trusts preferred supplier as a result of their excellent communication, support and attention to detail.  Prior to the decision being made I and Pete Scarrott met with the transport manager of Cheltenham Borough Homes to enable us to see for ourselves what the advantages would be by selecting Protrack. Both the manager and staff at CBH spoke very highly of the system and the guidance that they were given by Protrack, they informed us that the implementation of the tracking system has proven to be the single most cost effective measure taken in the past 20 years to save money on transport costs as well as the added health and safety benefits.


The Trust decided to have 35 selected vehicles fitted with a Protracker device and over a period of three months, regular meetings were held in order to undertake a full-scale review of exactly what is happening with the vehicles as a result of this the trial was extended for a further 3 months.

During this period we held regular meetings with Protrack who gave us guidance and support throughout the implementation and trial, a system was developed to assist us with the day to day running of the Trust fleet.

We are now able to monitor the fuel usage, mileage and the routes that each driver takes along with out of hour’s usage and private mileage, Protrack even provided bespoke graphical reports to demonstrate that they would go above and beyond in order to provide a first-class service.


We feel that the constant support and excellent service provided by Protrack Solution has convinced us that the right decision has been made in selecting them as our supplier of telematics equipment.


I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Protrack Solutions to any company that is considering the implementation of a vehicle or personal tracking solution. I have found them very professional, and the guidance and support that we have received from them has been invaluable to the success of the trial.


Transport Manager.

Gloucestershire NHS Trust and member of the Gloucestershire Transport review group.

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