Protrack FAQ’s

Who are the Protrack Group?

The Protrack Group are a UK based award-winning company that has over 20 years of experience in developing innovative GPS tracking products. We specialise in Automotive tracking, Fleet Management and Personal automotive tracking solutions for both individual and commercial requirements.

I already use another firms tracker, how easy is it to switch?

If you already have another type of tracker installed, Protrack Group can remove them during the install of our devices and leave them with you. This would ensure that you don’t have a break in tracking connectivity for your vehicle.

I have seen some cheaper trackers on the market - are all trackers the same?

There are many different tracking devices currently available, Protrack Group have carefully designed its own software platform called OCS, OCS allows a company to have Tracking, Compliance, Job scheduling and many other fleet monitoring features in one place.

What impact does the tracker generally have on driver behaviour?

Driver behaviour is generally improved when the driver is aware that they have a tracker monitoring the use of a company vehicle or asset.

Does having a tracker make it less likely that my vehicle will be stolen?

Covertly installed trackers don’t lower the chance of theft, however, the chance of recovery is improved greatly.

Does having a tracker mean that it will be more likely that my vehicle will be recovered?

The chance of recovery is improved greatly as you can live track the vehicle and receive alerts when a vehicle is moved.

Can the driver delete or amend records?

Drivers and any other users are not able to delete or modify any tracking records that are sent by our tracking devices.

Will my tracker work in an area with no phone network?

The simple answer to this is yes.

Even if there is no network at the time that the tracking device sends the data, the tracker will keep trying to send until the network is received and then all the data is “backdated” so you do not lose any data

Will it record my speeds and how accurate is this?

The tracker will record your speed via GPS, a poll is made every second and the speed is calculated across multiple points using the distance the vehicle has travelled during the time between the polls (this is usually more accurate than your speedometer.)

How often does my tracking device update?

The tracking device gets new GPS information every second and will create records based on set rules using this information. Records are sent to the server as they are created, the tracking platform updates to show them.

How does it work?

The system works by installing a small tracking unit within the vehicle or item you wish to track. Once installed the device communicates with our system over the mobile networks to give an accurate location of your item.

What are the benefits?

Each organisation will be given an exclusive log in to their system, with this you can track vehicles current live location, vehicles past location history, mileages, driving behaviour (with certain units only), and much more.

We only need to track 1 vehicle, can we still use the system?

Even with 1 vehicle you can use the system, each customer is treated equally and our technical support team will make sure you are up and running as smoothly as possible.

How do I view my vehicles?

You can use OCS to view your device on any web browser or for mobile devices you can use Auto App Pro, our companion App.

Will the tracking software work on my PC?

The tracking software is designed to work on most computers providing they are running the latest software and updates.

Operating System:
Windows 7 or newer

MacOS Sierra or newer

Ram: 1GB and above

Intel Celeron Dual Core or higher

Google Chrome (Latest Version), Mozilla Firefox (Latest Version), Safari (Latest Version).

2 – 15 Mbps depending on size.